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Emerging from Glasgow's vibrant music scene, the alternative sextet Diving Horse are making waves with their singular blend of intellectual lyrics and infectious punk-pop rhythms. Formed in 2022 this formidable group of musicians spent years honing their skills in acclaimed acts like Static Future, We See Lights and The Telephone Exchange. Now, Diving Horse fuse their technical abilities with raw energy to craft a sound that is equally cerebral and danceable.

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With influences ranging from The National's artful indie rock to LCD Soundsystem's propulsive beats, Diving Horse produce music that both stimulates the mind and moves the feet. Tracks like their existential dancefloor anthem "You and I the Universe" demonstrate the band's talent for pairing profound poetry with pop sensibilities. Propelled by driving synths and soaring vocals, Diving Horse deliver songs that will speak to the soul while compelling listeners to dance along.


As Diving Horse continue writing, recording and performing their unique brand of  punk-pop, their star rises swiftly over the Glasgow scene and beyond. Their emotive lyrics, meticulously crafted melodies and commanding stage presence poise this formidable group for success on an international level. Keep an eye out for Diving Horse as they stand ready to make a splash.

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